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From manuscript
to publication

10x faster proofreading
Perfect XML in seconds


Inefficiency due to chaos

For publishers, most manuscripts are still submitted using MS Word. Proofreading and the formatting process also continue to take place in this program.



SMASHDOCs is a web-based word processing platform for publishers where all parties involved can collaborate on a manuscript and produce production-ready-data – but just much easier and up to 10x faster than so far.

Simplifying publishers’ work

Smart version control

Automatic archiving of suggested changes, approvals and conversations per section in a single document – no more flood of document versions and emails

Adaptive redlining

Automatic highlighting of changes and comments which are new to a user – no more annoying version comparisons and collations

Real-time collaboration

Simultaneous editing and commenting – no more time-consuming in-a-row-processing of a Word document

Professional export capabilities

Any file format and data structure just at the push of a button – no more waste of time with manual data conversions

Flexible installations

Private cloud or installed on your servers? Make your choice

Enjoy the new way of publishing

SMASHDOCs creates great benefits for publishing companies.

Work in rocket speed

Up to 10x faster processing

Produce more efficient

Save money and ressources

Become better

Attract the best authors with unique services

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