Make private comments visible for all users

Our users tell us the comment function within SMASHDOCs is one of the most important features.

Feedback can be directly given to a particular section or to single words. Everything can be fully discussed when needed. Privacy options for comments are included: they can be set to be only visible to the creator, a few selected people, or open to all collaborators on a document. In using the comments function to communicate, sending emails back and forth becomes ineffecient and excessive.

Users usually begin with a private comment for selected users and then make it visible for everyone later on.

To make a private comment visible to all document users, click on the plus button located on the bottom of the opened comment box. A small dialogue window will appear where you can then add other selected users to the conversation. Additionally, make the comment visible to all collaborators by selecting “public” in the upper corner and clicking on the button “Make public”.

make comment public


Your comment is now visible for everyone.

comment visible for all


Please note: once the comment is visible to everyone, you can no longer make it private.


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