SMASHDOCs wins "Innovation to Company Challenge" by Deloitte Austria

Deloitte Austria, in cooperation with the Vienna Chamber of Commerce, has invited start-ups in April 2017 to show how Deloitte can work even more efficiently in the future as part of the “Innovation to Company Challenge“.

We knew that auditors, tax and management consultants were working on documents every day, and they constantly struggled with version, change and communication issues in the creation, review and production of documents – internally and together with clients. An application was thus a point of honour.

After joining the circle of the four finalists, our CEO Christian Marchsreiter presented the CEO and other high-ranking representatives of Deloitte Austria on 17.10.2017. Our competitors were Personiq, CleverAnalytics and 100 Celsius AI.

In just 12 minutes, the jury experienced interesting insights in the unique technology of SMASHDOCs as well as an exciting live demo where we showed i.e. how

  • all changes are automatically stored in a single document (and no longer distributed to countless versions of a document as before),
  • with one click, the development history of each text section, each image and each table can be completely retraced,
  • new changes from other users can be reproduced within seconds and
  • they can be exported to a perfectly styled document at any time at the touch of a button.

In addition to the live demo, the jury was also impressed by the various possible applications of SMASHDOCs, for example, for the creation and coordination of company reports, expert opinions, studies, test reports, etc., so that we were unanimously declared winners at the end of the competition. Apart from their professional pitch the jury was particularly convinced about their product.

“SMASHDOCs stands up to the ravages of time. Since everyone is working with numerous amounts of documents, it is crucial to retrace modifications explicitly and transparently. SMASHDOCs’ intelligent solution supports Deloitte as a professional services firm as well as our clients to focus on the essentials.”

“We are very pleased with the prize and the extremely positive feedback on SMASHDOCs. It proves that our technology has the potential to radically simplify and speed up collaborative word processing,” said Christian Marchsreiter, founder and CEO of smartwork solutions GmbH, the inventor of SMASHDOCs.

The operational cooperation with Deloitte Austria is beginning at a very short term, so that more and more users will soon be pleased to have an easier and quicker creation, revision and production of documents together with colleagues and clients.

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